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System Development

MSI offers a comprehensive suite of services that help you assess your current status, prepare an in-depth action plan for addressing and implementing process and system improvements, prepare you and your team to ensure compliance, and then supports you through and after the assessment. Here is a snapshot of the system development services we offer.


Baseline Assessment
MSI works with your team to review existing documentation against ISO 9000/ISO 1400 and OHSAS 18001 requirements to determine your current status, and evaluates your organization's practices through interviews and on-site reviews. We measure compliance to documented procedures and determine the capabilities of your internal resources to provide system documentation. We then present a comprehensive "gap analysis" of current systems, and identify areas requiring further development, documentation or implementation.


System Preparation Planning
MSI specifies recommendations for each ISO 9000/ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001clause and process. We provide the estimated staff hours necessary to bring your systems into ISO 9000/ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001compliance, including system development, documentation, training and implementation. We also develop a "responsibility matrix" depicting work responsibilities and assignments for each party, and complete a comprehensive timetable for achievement and registration.


Preparation Management
MSI acts as your Project Manager and direct all activities and on-site system tasks according to established work plan schedules. We serve as liaison amongst you, program managers and your teams, and can direct all assigned external team personnel.


Preparation Support
MSI leads process mapping and measures progress to identify, develop and improve existing practices. We help write and implement new processes designed to bring you into compliance, and help train personnel in system and workflow changes. We work with your team to conduct internal audits, evaluate the results of those audits and then help you implement required adjustments prior to your assessment. We also provide representation during the on-site registration assessment. Following the initial registration assessment conducted by the Registrar, we will provide corrective action assistance to the extent provided for in our Guarantee of Services.


Post-Registration Support
Registration is an important goal and milestone, but it's simply another step in your continuous-improvement journey. MSI provides a variety of additional support and follow-up services, such as customized training, customer audits and presentations, internal auditor training and further system development. We also work with you and your team to identify, design and implement the self-assessment activities that will ensure effective system maintenance following registration.