A balanced communication effort that accurately reflects your organization’s goals and mission, clearly articulated for each key audience, is essential to achieving your objectives.

MSI recognizes the importance of accurate, well designed and properly executed communication strategies and tactics, and can help you identify and achieve your goals through consulting assistance and by helping you build and implement a variety of smart, cost-effective communication tools.

Internal Communications

Executive, Employee & HR Communication Defined:

How an organization communicates its plans, goals and objectives is as important as what it communicates. Direct, timely and clear messages and information, appropriately targeting your key audiences, helps you successfully implement new programs, build trust, engage employees, associates and your management team and ensure consistency.

We can help through consultation and coordination, providing messaging and writing support for your executive, quality management, and human resources teams.

  • Recommending strategies and building key messages
  • Management information meetings and forums
  • All-staff or segmented meetings (small group, town hall, on-line, etc.)
  • Website/internet writing and strategic communication support
  • Newsletters and special or ongoing employee publications (writing, design and production)
  • Email, memo and letter writing
  • Video, broadcast, Webcast / podcast and other audiovisual tools

Marketing and Advertising

Getting your messages heard – whether to clients and prospects, subcontractors, business partners, employees and their families, investors, government officials and other key audiences is critical to your success.

Our experienced communication team may be able to help with your short-term or longer-term marketing and communication needs.

  • Organizational branding and identity programs
  • Collateral materials for marketing, trade shows, and special events
  • Market research and feedback programs
  • Trade publication ads
  • Business-to business-outreach
  • Print, radio, Internet and television advertising – both conceptual and tactical

Media, Public, and Community Relations

Public relations is about identifying and reaching critical audiences with meaningful, well-executed messages that resonate and move people to action. Focused, strategic communication helps shape opinion, leaves valuable impressions, and can help you manage a crisis – or an opportunity — whether planned or unexpected. We can help provide targeted media strategies and outreach, and ensure that the messages you want heard are reaching key audiences.

  • Advocacy writing (white papers, op-eds, letters to the editor, etc.)
  • Speech writing and scripting for special events
  • Media relations (strategies, news releases, media calls and outreach)
  • Crisis communication
  • Special-event coordination (openings, product launches, ground-breaking ceremonies, celebrations)
  • Special employee or community events
  • Government and community relations