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Internal Auditing


Management Systems Improvement, LLC has delivered Internal Auditing training to hundreds of attendees since 1994. Our Clients have come from a wide range of industries including:

Cosmetics Packaging Telcom Gage Calibration
Aircraft Machining Moving Services Wireforms
Eyelets Textile Manufacturing Computers
Plastic Molding Printing Warehouse Distribution
Electronics Consulting Services Packaging Machinery
Medical Devices Metal Stamping Engineering Consulting
Construction Food Preparation Casting


The MSI Internal Auditing class is intended for quality and environmental auditors-in-training, auditors, and audit supervisors and managers who have responsibility for the internal and supplier management system audit processes.


Expected Outcomes

MSI will present to Client-selected personnel a series of lectures, exercises and related materials covering the internal auditing of quality and environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the selected Standard*. This training will be presented at Client-provided facilities to participants selected by Client. This training will:

-Prepare participants to design, implement and carry out a practical, efficient and effective internal audit program satisfying the requirements of the selected Standard.

-Acquaint participants with the principles and techniques required to effectively prepare for, conduct and close internal management system audits.

-Allow the attendees to conduct actual internal audits of the Client system as part of the class exercises while under the supervision of the MSI Instructor.


The MSI instructor will be presenting a series of lectures which will present to the participants the concepts behind the requirement for internal audits of a management system, the internationally-accepted practices outlined in ISO 19011:2011 and the detailed approach to setting up and effectively implementing an internal audit program. The MSI instructor will use a style of informed lecture freely interspersed with anecdotal examples while encouraging the participation and free exchange of ideas amongst the participants. The class will also be led through “Breakout Exercises” which will provide the attendees the opportunity to apply the lesson material to real-life situations with which they are familiar while working in small groups with their fellow classmates.

These exercises will be further critiqued within the full-class discussions led by the MSI instructor in order to correct any misapplications of the class materials and ensure that all participants understand the practical application of the subject materials. The attendees will then be assigned to perform actual audits within the workplace in accordance with Client procedures while under the supervision of the MSI instructor. This will further reinforce the classroom lessons and exercises.

The class materials will be presented in such a manner so as to maintain compliance with any existing relevant Client internal procedures. Client will supply to MSI these appropriate procedures in advance of the scheduled class.


Each attendee will receive a three-ring binder which includes the following:

  • Copies of the presentation slides (including Instructor “Notes” and space for attendees to make notes).
  • A copy of the Selected Standard(s)*.
  • A copy of ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing.
  • Relevant Client internal procedures and forms.
  • Typical procedures and forms used in Internal Auditing
  • Supplemental reading materials.
  •  The binder is for the attendees to keep. Attendees are urged to make notes in the binder and to add any materials relevant to Internal Auditing.

Certification Granted

Qualifications for Internal Auditors are based on a number of factors. The following factors are used by the MSI Instructor to determine the competence of each attendee:

  • There is a brief “open book” examination provided for at the end of the class. All participants will be encouraged to sit for this exam.
  • Attendees will be evaluated on the preparation, conduct and reporting of the “live audit”.
  • The MSI Instructor will evaluate the participation of each attendee in the class discussions and exercises.

Attendees will be granted a Certificate of Qualification as an Internal Auditor indicating successful completion of the training as demonstrated through observation of the Instructor and passing the examination. This certificate may be used as evidence of meeting the requirements for competence and training of internal auditors as required by most registrars. Those attendees not choosing to sit for the exam, or not attaining a passing grade on the exam, will be granted a Certificate of Participation in the Internal Auditing training.


*Selected Standards include:

We have years of experience with the full range of International Management System standards. We also are experienced in a wide range of customer- and industry-specific standards and specifications including (but not limited to):

 International Standard ISO 9001:2015

International Standard ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001:2007

Aerospace Standard AS9100C

Technical Specification ISO/TS 16949:2002